Do you find yourself in any of these situations?

Whether you've taken on more financial responsibility, had a sudden loss of income, or some other outside factor has now influenced you to consider selling your house, any one of those reasons may have different consequences on the type of sale you make and how long it takes.
On average, a property takes about 3-6 months to sell on the market
... and that's not considering a market downturn or recession.

Here are some of the most common situations that many homeowners we work with face.
Avoiding Foreclosure
If you're facing foreclosure, then timing is critical to making sure you don't lose the house and are forced to deal with consequences, potentially including still owing the bank money even when you've lost the house.
Prevent your home from going into foreclosure
Tax Liens
Similar to foreclosure, Tax Liens can result in an auction of your home. While this may sometimes take longer than a normal foreclosure from your lender, a tax lien presents an almost ever-looming danger to your home.
Learn more about dealing with tax liens
Inheritance or Probate
Inheriting a home presents a number of unexpected challenges, and often it requires more work and money than you originally think to get it ready for sale. If you're going through the probate process, then liquidating the house can be one of the factors that lengthens the probate.
Selling your inherited or probate house can be the easiest option
Relocating to another city or state due to a job change usually doesn't afford you enough time to prepare and sell your house on the market, especially if you need those proceeds to set up in your new city. Working with us can make the whole process a lot more speedy.
Make a quick sale before relocating
Whether it's because the children have grown and gone or it's time to downgrade financially, downgrading can often be the smartest move for the next step in life. But if it requires up-front capital in order to repair and get the property up to market standards for a sale, then that can be stopping you from moving forward.
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Damaged Property
Damaged properties can be one of the biggest money pits that anyone has to deal with in their life. Whether the property was damaged from water, fire, storms, or it is simply really old, repairs can put a huge hole in your pocket. Sometimes selling it is the better option.
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