The Praying Hands

The Praying Hands is a monument located on Oral Roberts University. Standing 60 feet high and weighing roughly 30 tons, it's the largest bronze sculpture in the world.

It stood in front of the Oral Roberts' "City of Faith", which is a medical center that's devoted to faith healing. When the City of Faith declared bankruptcy after a series of lawsuits, the hands were moved to the entrance of Oral Roberts University, which also includes the Oral Roberts Prayer Tower.

The Praying Hands monument was designed by the Oklahoma artist Leonard McMurry, who used his neighbor as the model. The casting was done in Mexico in 1980.

The Praying Hands is located in 777 S. Lewis Ave, Tulsa OK, just at the entrance of Oral Roberts University.

It's a popular tourist attraction for those that visit Tulsa, and especially for prospective students touring the campus with their family. There are several fun folks tales and jokes related to the hands, and during campus visits students are often told that they clap along with chapel services. Another is that if you throw a penny in between the two hands, they will clap and catch it, according to one online commenter.

The hands are thought to spread positive energy, and no pictures will do the statue justice.

Check out the following video to see what the Praying Hands looks like on campus.

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