Relocating to a new city

When a job requires that you relocate, you often don't have the luxury to prepare and list the property on the market before moving to the new location.

If your destination is far from your property, that's an even worse situation because you're not going to be close enough to deal with the sale, which can lead to a lot of burden and anxiety.

We often work with homeowners that are relocating and need to sell quickly before they move because they prefer to handle the transaction quickly and liquidate so that they can use funds for a new home.

When you get in touch with us, we can evaluate different options together that may work for you.

Our first option is to give you a cash offer on the home, but if you've had the home for only a few years or don't have enough equity in it, then this might not work for you.

We have alternative options to purchase your home that are more suitable for mortgages that have little or no equity, and this can help facilitate your move without having to be burdened by a mortgage plus any additional holding costs you would incur if you were to try to sell on the market.
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