Don't get stuck with a damaged property that you can't afford to repair!

When most people think about buying a property and visit home listings, they tend to expect to see properties that are in decent shape and require a little bit of work or properties that have already been fully remodeled and are move-in ready.

That's a challenge for homes that have either been damaged by an event like a fire or flood, or a property that is just old and has had 20 or 30 years of wear and tear.

In either case, a property of average size might require $30,000+ to repair it and update it to current market standards, and that might not be something that you want or are capable of doing right now, which may be putting you into a tough situation.

We know that repairing a home can cost a lot of money, and you may feel like you are stuck with a house that is barely habitable (or maybe not at all habitable).

Before you let the property sit there for longer, thinking that it's a lost cause, let us take a look at it with you. We buy houses in any condition, and even if your home needs a lot of work, we'd like to make an offer on it.

There IS an option to selling your home if you talk with us. We want to help you move into the next chapter of your life and not feel like you are stuck. 

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