Avoiding foreclosure on your home

The challenge with foreclosure is that it's usually brought on by some financial stress that causes you to fall behind on payments.

In most cases, once the first payment missed, then it becomes much harder to catch up, causing a snowball effect.

If you've gone through a temporary hard ship, then your lender may consider giving you a loan modification, but the lender will do their due diligence and they have a formula that they follow.

Your lender may evaluate the risk and find that you are unlikely to keep up with payments even if they do a loan modification, and that will put your home at risk.

The consequences of foreclosure have long term effects, including damage to your credit which will make it difficult to get another mortgage for up to 7 years. And the act of being forced out of the home is not a pleasant experience.

There are three major reasons why selling your property to us may be a good option:
1. Quick Sale:  You can sell your home and pocket some cash based on the equity that's in your property
2. Stress Relief:  You can avoid both the stress from looming foreclosure and the additional damage to your credit, allowing you to get your life back on track sooner than later.
3. Risk Reduction:  We can purchase your property much more quickly than going through a regular sale, which means you won't have the risk of the transaction not going through before it's auctioned off and you lose it.
What it comes down to is this...
The closer you get to the auction date, the less chance you have of being able to avoid foreclosure.
By going for the fast sale, we can purchase your home before the auction date which leaves you in a MUCH BETTER position to recover in the near future.
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